Woody Wright – Country Side

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Song Listing

  1. Do A Little Dying Every Day
  2. Heaven’s Bell
  3. He’s A Mighty Go0d Friend
  4. Ever Since I Gave My Heart To You
  5. Help Is On The Way (Before You pray)
  6. Be My Doctor
  7. Acre Of Grace
  8. Hillbilly Haircut
  9. There’s A Lot I Want To Do
  10. God Fearin’ Famioy Man
  11. Comfort Creek
  12. It Won’t Last Long
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Woody Wright – Country Side

If there was a title that aptly described a recording, “Country Side” by Woody Wright fits perfectly. This is Southern Gospel with a major country sound. I feel that this recording is a notch above Woody’s last recording and as before, it features a few songs previously recorded by other artists, but also features several new tunes penned by Woody. I love how Woody pens a lyric. I noted in my last review that he was an eccentric songwriter, and the more I hear his music, the more I believe that! I mean, only Woody can get by with writing, “I was in trouble man, I was a mess, like the eastern side of a mule headed west…” on the song,“EVER SINCE I GAVE MY HEART TO YOU”. But seriously, Woody really has a knack for writing songs that tell about daily life and words them in certain ways that really make you think.

  • I really liked what I found in this recording. It’s sound is country to core, but the messages in some of these cut right to the heart. Along with that, there are several moments of lightheartedness that in many ways, is so characteristic of Woody’s writings. One song will have you laughing, while the next will leave you deep in thought. It took me awhile, but I think I finally “get” Woody and what he is trying to say in his music. If you’ve not taken the time to listen to his music, take a trip out to the “Country Side” with Woody Wright. (Testimonial)

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