Aaron Shust – Whispered & Shouted

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Aaron Shust -Whispered and Shouted

Song listing

Long Live the King
2 Like I Never Felt Before  3:42
 Create Again
4 Watch Over Me 5:12
5 Give Me Words to Speak 4:28
6 Life Itself 5:16
The Name of Jesus
C.M. Noel
8 I Will Wait 4:06
9 Runaway 4:09
10 Can’t Hide from Your Love 4:48
11 Come to Me
12  Worthy/Let All I Do 6:05
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Aaron Shust – Whispered & Shouted

”I feel closest to God whenever I’m leading people in worship, when I can step away from the microphone and it appears that a sea of people are singing to God from the bottom of their hearts and the top of their lungs”. (Aaron Shust)
Crafting songs that make this happen was the goal with ”Whispered and Shouted”, the follow-up to Shust’s chart topping debut ”Anything Worth Saying”. As a teenager, Aaron was influenced by the sounds of the sixties and Motown. In college he studied music theory, developed an aptitude for the likes of Bach and Mozart, and soaked up the sounds of more recent masters like his favorite band U2. These influences come to bear on this release; an exploration of new musical territory for what is at its heart, another praise and worship album from this exciting newcomer. It’ll make you want to sing along whether you are standing in church or riding in your car.

Review by Jared Johnson

Whispered and Shouted is more of the same temperate worship lyrics and glitzy production from theJakob Dylan sound-alike. Expectations were high even before Aaron Shust was named Songwriter of the Year at the GMA Awards. To a degree, this sophomore project met the hype by offering more simplistic worship odes like those on Anything Worth Saying. The instrumentation is more varied this time around, yet Shust’s work shows a disappointing sameness and transparency that plague the disc throughout. Rather than taking you to new places (which he is clearly capable of doing), the journey remains stagnant. Had he focused on expanding his lyrical versatility versus experimenting with production, Shust had the potential to live up to the accolades that began stacking up possibly a little too early in his career

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