GGS Bill & Gloria Gaither & Their Homecoming Friends – Turn Your RADIO On – Obs SLUT!

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Turn Your Radio On – Ben Speer
Living By Faith – Homecoming Friends
The Unclouded Day – Howard Goodman
The Sweetes Song I Know – Homecoming Friends
Looking For A City – Vestal Goodman, Johnny Cook, Wally Varner
Farther Along – Russ Taff
What A Day That Will Be – Jim Hill
The Eastern Gate – Lily Fern Weatherford
This si Just What Heaven Means To Me – Vestal Goodman
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus – Cynthia Clawson
Sweet, Sweet Spirit – Doris Akers
O My Lord What A Time – Hovie Lister, Johnny cook, Jake Hess, Biney English, Bob Caldwell
James Blackwood Remembers His Years with the Blackwoods
’Til The Storm Passes By – Vestal Goodman
Dig A Little Deeper In God’s Love – Fairfield Four
Ben Speer and the Stamps-Baxter School of Music
Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere – Terry Franklin, Jake Hess, Gary McSpadden, Bob Caldwell, Henry Slaughter
Mansion Over The Hilltop – Eva Mai LeFevre, Mylon LeFevre
We’ll Talk It Over- Homecoming Friends
Sweet Beulah Land – Squire Parsons
I Know Who Holds Tomorrow – George Younce, Larry Ford
If We Never Meet Again – Cynthia Clawson

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Obs! Denna DVD är helt slut. Kan inte beställas!

Remember when the rich sounds of gospel music vibrated through the cloth covering of your radio? That was long ago, but Bill and Gloria Gaither have captured those illustrious years in the video album, Turn Your Radio On. The moment you turn on your television for this gathering, you’ll think you turned the dial to your favorite radio station. Listen to such familiar voices as The Speers, Rex Nelon, Naomi and the Segos, The Statesmen, Cynthia Clawson, The Talleys, and many more.

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