Billy Graham: Candid Conversations with a Public Man – David Frost

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Billy Graham: Candid Conversations with a Public Man – David Frost

Kindle Edition, 224 pages
Published August 1st 2014 by David C. Cook
Edition Language English
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Billy Graham: Candid Conversations with a Public Man – David Frost

Most people know Billy Graham the preacher.Many know Billy Graham the author.In this remarkable book, Graham reveals a personal side that few have seen before. For thirty years, Billy Graham and David Frost fascinated television audiences with their conversations about God, the Bible, and Graham’s decades-long ministry. Frost asked the questions that thousands of viewers wanted to ask. Graham answered them with authenticity and grace. Along the way, Graham provided insight into life as an evangelist, a Christian father and grandfather, and a public figure in a changing culture. Most of all, Graham’s words show what it means to live out your beliefs—whether you speak to millions of people around the world or simply want to live faithfully at home and work. With a chronology of Graham’s life, a preface from Frost, and a foreword from his grandson, Tullian Tchividjian, this weaving of stories, interviews, and reflections will inspire you to respond to God’s call with no reserve.

I am very grateful to for the opportunity to read this book. As with all books I read, I review and comment about them in general terms.
Billy Graham was a influential evangelist in the lives of my parents and I was able to hear him preach in 1973 and at Mission England c 1988 I think.
Over the years he gave a number of interviews with David Frost and the two became good friends.
This book is a product of those TV shows an attempt to record and put in printed form their conversations and Dr Graham’s changing emphasis on ministry and views on issues that trouble christians and non-christians alike.
It is a fascinating read and shows the impact of life given to ministry, regrets and new priorities. I was pleased to read of consistency and a high moral integrity and wondered how we had reached the speculation that after death we could serve God across the solar system visiting other planets.
As someone who also enjoyed the career of David Frost I found this book a perfect fit and a worthwhile read to reflect and look forward to later life with fresh optimism. (Richard)

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