Cathedrals – Cathedral Classics

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Song Titles
1. Wedding Music 2. He Made A Change
3. We Shall See Jesus 4. I Can See The Hand
5. Champion Of Love 6. Boundless Love
7. Somebody Touched Me 8. Can He, Could He, Would He
9. Then Came The Morning 10. Step Into The Water
11. He Loves Me 12. Sunshine And Roses
13. Hide Thou Me
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Cathedrals – Cathedral Classics

The Cathedral Quartet, often known as simply The Cathedrals, was an American southern gospel quartet that lasted from 1964 until their retirement in December 1999.[1]

The tenor and baritone positions changed often during the Cathedrals’ career history, but the four most stable versions had George Younce (who joined the trio in November 1964[2]) and Glen Payne teamed with Roy Tremble(tenor), and George Amon Webster (baritone) from 1974 to 1979; Kirk Talley (tenor), and Mark Trammell (baritone) from 1980 to 1983; Danny Funderburk (tenor), and Mark Trammell (baritone) from 1983 to 1990; Ernie Haase (tenor) and Mark Trammell just in 1990; and Ernie Haase (tenor), and Scott Fowler (baritone) from 1991 to their retirement in 1999.

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