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Cynthia Jones – Journey of Soul


  • 01 Unconditional by Cynthia Jones
  • 02 Lord I Need You Now by Cynthia Jones
  • 03 Universal Praise by Cynthia Jones
  • 04 He Loves Me by Cynthia Jones
  • 05 Revival by Cynthia Jones
  • 06 Child Of The King by Cynthia Jones
  • 07 God’s Been Good by Cynthia Jones
  • 08 What A Mighty God by Cynthia Jones
  • 09 Midnight by Cynthia Jones
  • 10 Happy Birthday by Cynthia Jones
  • 11 Judah Jam by Cynthia Jones
  • 12 Got To Be There by Cynthia Jones
  • 13 Love by Cynthia Jones
  • 14 Journey Of Soul by Cynthia Jone


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Cynthia Jones – Journey of Soul

The beauty and lure of Cynthia Jones’s new album, Journey, is that, if you know the artist, you know what you’re going to get from her, and that’s a good thing.  The album is chock full of organic neo-soul, with some gospel and jazz tunes added in for good measure.  With Journey, you’ll get some strong inflections of Erykah Badu’s Baduism, but also a solid gospel message that Jones never wavers from.  Neo-soul may be her niche, but gospel is Cynthia Jones’s calling, and she never allows you think anything otherwise.  Every song is testament of Jones’ faith and commitment to loving the Lord.  But it’s okay for you to light incense, bob your head and take her music in, neo-soul style, to receive the message that Cynthia Jones is bringing to you.

Journey is Cynthia Jones’s musical odyssey through multiple genres, transcending time and space. All of the tracks were written by Jones, and she’s willing to share a piece of herself with the listener so that you can check out her mind as well as understand her heart.  “Journey of Soul” is a nice intro into the album; it’s a smooth neo-soul groove that could have easily been released in 1998.  You instantly feel the love from the mood Jones sets and it continues with “Unconditional,” another mellow track.  Jones switches gears and steps up the pace with electro/R&B “Universal Praise,” a club jam that will surely get people dancing and praising at the same time.  The album has a strong Badu influence, but Jones steps out of the neo-soul box to give you cuts like “Revival,” a pure contemporary gospel track, and “Happy Birthday,” which is steeped in contemporary jazz.

One thing is sure about Journey: you will feel the album as much as you hear it.  Cynthia Jones has carved out a pretty nice space in filling both the sacred and secular music voids, and with this latest album, she doesn’t disappoint.  Recommended by Gabriel Rich

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