Dallas Holm – The Best Of

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  1. Mount Up with Wings
  2. Heal Me
  3. Reveal Your Love
  4. Just Believin’
  5. Rise Again
  6. Gone Forever
  7. Blow Through Me
  8. Beyond the Curtain
  9. Through the Flame
  10. River
  11. I Still Love Jesus
  12. Be My Shelter
  13. All I Know
  14. A Better Man
  15. Just What I Do
  16. The Love of God
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Dallas Holm – The Best Of


Dallas Holm (born November 5, 1948 in St. Paul Park, Minnesota) is a singer-songwriter of Christian music, whose musical ministry has spanned almost four decades. His influence has been greatest in contemporary Christian music. While he has had several hit singles in CCM, he is best known for the favorite inspirational song of the resurrection of Christ, ”Rise Again.” He resides in Lindale, Texas when not on tour.

This CD is wonderful to listen to. ”Rise Again” is the reason I ordered it. What a fabulous song. We in our culture tend to have a very neat and sterile view of what Jesus Christ went through for us. This song helps us see the reality, a part of which was his getting up from the grave, more real.(Testimonial)


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