Don Moen – I Believe There Is More

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Track listing[1][edit]

  1. ”The Greatness Of You” – 7:19 (Written by Eric Cooper & Nathan LaGrange)
  2. ”Hail To The King” – 5:44 (Written by Shannon Wexelberg)
  3. ”Mighty To Save” – 4:35 (Written by Ben Fielding & Reuben Morgan)
  4. ”Thank God I’m Free” – 3:52 (Written by Don Moen & Mia Fieldes)
  5. ”Be Glorified” – 5:10 (Written by Don Moen)
  6. ”Be Lifted Up” – 4:49 (Written by Don Moen & Mia Fieldes)
  7. ”I Believe There Is More” – 4:47 (Written by Don Moen & Claire Cloninger)
  8. ”Be Praised” – 4:16 (Written by Michael Gungor)
  9. ”Great Is Your Mercy” – 5:37 (Written by Don Moen)
  10. ”O God Of Abraham” – 4:21 (Written by Don Moen & Mia Fieldes)
  11. ”Painter Of The Skies” – 5:04 (Written by Don Moen & Claire Cloninger)
  12. ”Grace Is Enough” – 5:18 (Written by Don Moen & Mia Fieldes)
  13. ”I’ll Say Yes” – 5:03 (Written by Don Moen & Tony Woods)
  14. ”Saviour King” – 7:30 (Written by Mia Fieldes & Marty Sampson)

in total 73:32

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Don Moen – I Believe There Is More

Believe There Is More is a Contemporary Christian album of Worship music by Don Moen. It was released everywhere else in the world on September 2008 except that in United States and Canada, it was later released on March 3, 2009 by Integrity, Hosanna! Music, Columbia and Sony.[2]

In regard to the title of the album, which is the title of the song from the 7th track of the album, Don Moen wrote in his blog:

I’m more convinced than ever that the title is appropriate. Not only does it reflect where I am personally in my ministry, but I have found that this is a theme that resonates with people all over the world. It was such a powerful experience in the studio when we recorded it.The vocalists were all moved by the impact of what they were singing. That was the first time I had even considered this song as a title for the project. People everywhere are sensing that God has more for them to do. They are tired of the “status quo” lifestyle. My friend, I really do believe God has more for you to do. He has more for me to do. We have to be willing to step out by faith into the “new thing”, whatever it is that God has put in your heart. This certainly does not mean what you have done to this point is insignificant. I believe it was all preparation. God is NEVER finished with us and no matter what the enemy tries to tell you, God has more for you to do. I am thinking I need to write a book about this. There is so much here.[3]

Review by Andree Farias 

Funny that Don Moen would title his 2009 release I Believe There Is More: the album is the praise veteran’s swan song for Integrity Music, the little church-geared label he helped build into one of Christian music’s biggest success stories, and one of the few major players in CCM which retained its independent spirit while others sold their souls to corporate giants. Moen doesn’t exactly go for broke here, but then again, he is not that kind of guy; instead, he is content with simply continuing to serve the church and his mostly middle-aged fan base with songs they can sing along to. Increasingly aware of changing trends in praise music, Moen even tries his hand at modern worship by covering Hillsong(”Mighty to Save,” ”Saviour King”), lifting a page from the Michael Gungor songbook (”Be Praised”), and penning a terrific anthem or two of his own (”Be Lifted Up,” ”Grace Is Enough”), while keeping to the parameters of propriety he is known for. Of course, he is too mindful a minister to shortchange older demographics, so there are plenty of fiddles, balladry, and countrified sensibility to go around — hardly the stuff that storms up the worship charts these days, but all components that, in one way or another, made Moen one of the original architects of contemporary praise & worship.

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