GGS Australian Homecoming – DVD

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GGS Australian Homecoming – DVD

Song Listing:
1. I’m Gonna Sing
2. Not Gonna Worry
3. New Day – featuring Jeff & Sheri Easter
4. You Must Be Born Again – featuring Jeff & Sheri Easter, Bill Gaither
5. Heartbreak Ridge & New Hope Road
6. Knowing You’ll Be There
7. These Are They
8. Hallelujah Chorus – featuring Anthony Burger
9. Comedy – featuring Taylor Mason
10. Everything Good
11. When The Rains Come
12. I Love You, Lord
13. O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
14. My Soul Is Anchored To The Rock – featuring Janet Paschal
15. Why Not Crocodile Me? – featuring Mark Lowry
16. Comedy – featuring Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry
17. What Were You Thinking? – featuring Mark Lowry
18. He Came Through (The Lord Came Through)
19. Let The Glory Come Down – featuring David Phelps
20. This Is The Time I Must Sing – featuring Bill Gaither and a young Australian Friend
21. The Really Big News
22. Forgive Me
23. There Is A River
24. It Is Finished.
Bonus Footage:

1. Alpha And Omega

2. She Loved – featuring Jeff & Sheri Easter

3. I Will Never Leave You Alone – featuring Janet Paschal

4. New-Born Feeling/William Tell Overture – featuring Anthony Burger

5. Bill talks with the crowd

6. He Touched Me

7. There’s Something About That Name – featuring Gloria Gaither

8. Something Beautiful – featuring Bill Gaither

9. Because He Lives – featuring Mark Lowry, Guy Penrod



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GGS  Australian Homecoming – DVD

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