GGS Down By The Tabernacle Homecoming – Obs SLUT!

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GGS Down By The Tabernacle Homecoming


Old Camp Meeting Days  – Ben Speer, Glen Payne, Terry Blackwood, Jake Hess, George Younce, Ivan Parker, Jim Hill, Joel Hemphill, Bob Cain
The Old Country Church – James Blackwood, Jack Toney, Squire Parsons, Ben Speer, George Younce, Ernie Haase, Glen Payne
The Tabernacle – Russ Taff, Candy Hemphill Christmas, Lulu Roman, Stephen Hill, Joyce McCollough, Bob Cain, Sonya Isaacs Surrett
Just Tell Them When You Saw Me I Was On My Way – Sue Dodge
The Wesley Brothers – Ann Downing, Bob Cain
Well Water – The Martins
Rock of Ages – Reggie Smith, Joy Gardner, Stephen Hill, Vestal Goodman
There Is Power In The Blood – Candy Hemphill Christmas, Kirk Talley
Mansion Over The Hilltop – LaBreeska Hemphill
Come Sunday – Jake Hess
The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago – Jack Toney, Calvin Newton
Tell Me – Gaither Vocal Band, Janet Paschal
Tell Me The Story Of Jesus – Tanya Goodman Sykes, Reggie Smith, Wesley Pritchard, Cynthia Clawson, Ivan Parker
We’ll Understand It Better By And By – Jessy Dixon
Won’t It Be Wonderful There – The Happy Goodmans
Down At The Cross – Dayna Ashley, Squire Parsons, Jimmy Blackwood, The Hayes Family
Just As I Am – The Homecoming Friends
At The Alter – Joy Gardner, Ivan Parker
The Touch Of The Master’s Hand – recitation by J.D. Sumner
Thanks To Calvary (I Don’t Live Here Any More) – George Younce, Donnie Sumner
Amazing Grace – Terry McMillan
I Go To The Rock – Larnelle Harris
The Least I Can Do – The Isaacs
The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor – Guy Penrod, the Gaither Vocal Band
I Saw The Light – Russ Taff, Jessy Dixon, Stephen Hill
Jewels (When He Cometh) – The Hayes Family, Tanya Goodman Sykes

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GGS Down By The Tabernacle Homecoming

Filmed in an authentic one-hundred-year-old camp meeting tabernacle, this video event captures the true spirit of summer-time revivals and all-night sings that have served as a turning point for many lives throughout the years. You can almost feel the summer breeze sweeping through the open-air building in this Homecoming release. This nostalgic Homecoming experience features many of the songs you will recognize as favorites throughout the years.

Also available on CD.

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