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GGS Memphis Homecoming


Come To The River – Ladye Love Smith, Bonnie Keen, Wood Wright
God Is Good All The Time – Gaither Vocal Band
Give The World A Smile – George Younce and the Quackers (Guy Penrod, Jake Hess, Ben Speer)
Comedy – Bill Gaither & Mark Lowry
He’s Worthy (Song Of The Redeemed) – Allison Durham Speer
We’ll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials – The Happy Goodmans
Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – The Martins
That Glad Reunion Day – James Blackwood, Terry Blackwood, Jimmy Blackwood
Comedy – Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry
Build An Ark – Guy Penrod, Mark Lowry, David Phelps
Conversation with Bill Gaither, Jake Hess, and George Younce
Up Above My Head – George Younce, Jake Hess, Gene McDonald, Rex Nelon, Guy Penrod, Vestal Goodman
Conversation with Bill Gaither and Jake Hess
Wait Till You See Me In My New Home – Ivan Parker
Conversation with Bill Gaither and James Blackwood
Thinkin’ About Home – The Talley Trio
What A Day That Will Be – The Homecoming Friends
I’ve Got A Longing To Go – Ben Speer, Vestal Goodman, Johnny Minick, Rex Nelon
Narrative – by Gloria Gaither
I Stood On The Banks Of Jordan – Jessy Dixon, Kevin Davidson and The Voices
Searchin’ – featuring Tanya Goodman Sykes, Johnny Minick, Marshall Hall, David Phelps, Alicia Williamson, Sandi Patty, George Younce, Jessy Dixon, Kevin Davidson and The Voices
Down By The Riverside – Dixieland Band
Conversation with Bill Gaither and Hovie Lister
The Old Rugged Cross – Hovie Lister
Holy Ground – Joy Gardner
My God Is Real – Sandi Patty, Jessy Dixon
Beyond The Sunset – The Homecoming Friends
Should You Go First And I Remain (Reading) – George Younce
When All God’s Singers Get Home – Mary Tom (Speer) Reid
Reading – Gloria Gaither
Converstaion with Bill Gaither and Danny Gaither
Lord, Send Your Angels – Candy Christmas, Kim Hopper, Charlotte Ritchie
Where No One Stands Alone – Jeanne Johnson, Ivan Parker, Terry Blackwood, Wesley Pritchard
I Saw The Light – featuring Jessy Dixon, Guy Penrod, Lillie Knauls, Sue Dodge, Sandi Patty, George Younce

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GGS Memphis Homecoming

Tennessee’s bluff city, Memphis, provides the background for this video staged in the beautifully restored Orpheum Theatre.  Ivan Parker sings an impromptu ”Glory Road” with Anthony Burger and Kirk Talley, while Bill and Danny Gaither recall their mother’s bedtime which inspired the song, ”Lord, Send Your Angels.”  Sandi Patty joins Marshall Hall and other Homecoming Friends in ”Searchin’,” and George Younce adds a heart-tugging ”Beyond The Sunset.”

Also available on CD.

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