GGS Oh, My Glory – Live from Memphis -Obs SLUT!

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GGS Oh, My Glory – Live from Memphis, Tenn


Love Is Like A River – Ivan Parker
The Joy Of Heaven – The Homecoming Friends
I Shall Wear A Crown – Gaither Vocal Band
Comedy – Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry
When I Meet You – Sue Dodge
It Won’t Be Long – Jeff & Sheri Easter
Conversation with Bill Gaither and Howard Goodman
Our Debts Will Be Paid – Ivan Parker
Oh, My, Glory, Glory, Glory – Candy Christmas, Kim Hopper, Lisa Daggs
My Soul Is Gonna Live On – Annie & Kelly McRae
Conversation with Bill Gaither, Jake Hess, Guy Penrod, & Mark Lowry
I Will Go On – Bonnie Keen
Come Out Of The Wilderness – Terry Blackwood, Lauren Talley, Kim Hopper
Redemption Draweth Nigh – Ernie Haase
Comedy – Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry
Rolling, Riding, Rocking – the original Blackwood Brothes and Terry Blackwood, Jimmy Blackwood, R.W. Blackwood, Jr., Phil Enloe, Jamie Parker
The Road To Forgiveness – Ponder, Sykes, and Wright
I’m A Citizen Of Two Worlds – The Hoppers
Hand In Hand With Jesus – Faye Speer, Allison Durham Speer, Gloria Gaither
How Are Things At Home? – Janet Paschal
Glory Road – The Trio (Burger, Parker, Talley), and Gene McDonald
Comedy – Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry
The Dearest Friend I Ever Had – The Homecoming Friends
Comedy – Bill Gaither and Brent Buck
To The Other Side – Lynda Randle, Marshall Hall
Narrative – by Amy Gaither Hayes
For Those Tears I Died – Donnie Sumner
Let Freedom Ring – Gaither Vocal Band

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GGS Oh, My Glory – Live from Memphis, Tenn

Bill and Gloria always seem to come up with winning combinations for their ”Homecoming Friends” series of videos, and this one sure doesn’t disappoint! Both Amy and Suzanne, daughters of Bill and Gloria, are featured on this video. Both girls are quickly becoming writers in their own right. Suzanne has written another verse to the song ”Trying to Get a Glimpse”, which is performed by The Cathedrals.

Released Date: 2000

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