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GGS Something Beautiful with their Homecoming Friends

I Have A Song Inside
I’ve Got A Feeling
Everybody Will Be Happy Over There
Nothing’s Too Big For My God
Well Done, My Child
God Is Good All The Time
Happy Rhythm
That’s Enough
Over The Moon
That Glad Reunion Day
Speak To The Mountain
How Long Has It Been
I’ve Got A Wonderful Feeling
Where No One Stands Alone
’Til The Storm Passes By
I Will Rise Up From My Grave
The Mighty Hand
The Lord Still Lives In This Old House
I Lost It All To Find Everything
Something Beautiful
Let’s Just Praise The Lord
Bless His Holy Name

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GGS Something Beautiful with their Homecoming Friends

If there is one word that threads itself through the Christian experience, that word would have to be Joy. Not the ”pie in the sky” kind of joy that is oblivious to reality, but true joy even in the midst of pain and suffering. And that’s the kind of joy you’ll experience with all of your Homecoming Friends, as they fill a room with Something Beautiful.
Released: 1996

Also available on CD.

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