Blackwood Brothers – Happy Goodmans – More than the music – life story

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Happy Goodmans, the Blackwood Brothers – More than the music – life story

The Happy Goodman video includes interviews with Howard and Vestal Goodman plus comments from the wives and children of Rusty and Sam Goodman. The Blackwood Brothers video contains one of the last interviews with James Blackwod completed just prior to his death. Interviews with Cecil, Ron, Jimmy, Billy and other Blackwood family membes and friends are also included.

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Happy Goodmans, the Blackwood Brothers – More than the music – life story

MTTM . . . Life Story is a completely different animal. This DVD presents the histories of the Blackwood Brothers and the Happy Goodman Family with narration by Charlie Daniels. 70 minutes are devoted to the Blackwood Brothers and 80 to the Happy Goodmans. Each section provides a more or less chronological account of each group’s history, including the trials encountered and the significant goals that were achieved as the years progressed.

A number of visual elements enhance the narration. As you’d expect, there’s plenty of historical footage of the groups in action on stage and photographs. The video and photographs are shown as interviews and narration trace each group’s history. James Blackwood, Duane Allen, Terry Blackwood, Cecil Blackwood, Gordon Stoker, Ron Blackwood, and others provide context and background for the Blackwood Brothers section of the DVD. Howard and Vestal Goodman, Johnny Minick, Tanya Goodman, and other family members were interviewed for the Goodman section.

Documenting the earliest years of two of the greatest groups in
the history of gospel quartet music -the Blackwood Brothers and
the Goodman Family- this double-video set proved
immensely fascinating. Through the use of early footage, dramatic re-creations, and interviews -many never before seen-
these professionally crafted bio-vids are a great contribution
to understanding the heritage of Southern Gospel music –
one that our gratitude to these musical pioneers demands
at the least that they never be forgotten. These faithfully-rendered videos help ensure that hope!”

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