Hymns Triumphant – Volume I & II

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Disc: 1
1.Immortal, Invisible
2. ComeThouAlmightyKing
3.ThisIs MyFather’sWorld
4. The GodOfAbramPraise
6.DearLord, AndFatherOfMankind
7.EternalFather, Strong To Save
8.PraiseGod FromWhomAll BlessingsFlow
9. O For AThousandTonguesToSing
10. AllCreaturesOfOurGod And King
11.Hark, TenThousandHarpsAnd Voices
12.PraiseTo The Lord TheAlmighty
13.WhatChild IsThis?
14. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
15. TheFirstNoel
17. OSacredHead
19.WhenI Survey TheWondrousCross
20. GodOfOurFathers
23. For The BeautyOfThe Earth
24. Amazing Grace
25. Jesus,LoverOfMy Soul
26. Just As IAm
27.BlestBe TheTieThatBinds
28.Savior, Like AShepherdLeadUs
29. RockOfAges
30. INeedTheeEveryHour
32. O GodOurHelpIn AgesPast
33. Jesus Christ Is RisenToday
34. AllHailThe PowerOfJesus’Name
35. CrownHimWithManyCrowns
36.FairestLord Jesus
37.OnwardChristian Soldiers
39.SevenfoldAmenDisc: 2
1. Come, Christians,JoinToSing/Brethren,
WeHaveMetToWorship /RejoiceThe Lord Is King
2.MorningHas Broken/SunOfMy Soul/AllHailTHePowerOfJesus’Name
3. Jesus, TheVeryThoughtOfThee/To God Be TheGlory
4. BeThouMy Vision
5. OWondrousTypeAnd Vision Fair/HeLeadethMe
6. TheChurch’sOneFoundation/We’reMarchingTo Zion
/I Love ThyKingdom, Lord
7. I LoveThee/TakeMy Life AndLetIt Be
8.LetUs BreakBreadTogether/Come,
9.OnceToEveryMan And Nation/LeadOn,
O King Eternal
10. SweetHourOfPrayer
11.ThereIs AFountain/Alas, AndDidMySaviorBleed/
WhatWondrousLove IsThis
12. Christ The Lord Is RisenToday
13. IHearThyWelcomeVoice/PassMeNot,
O GentleSavior/Hark, AndHearMy
14. I WillAriseAnd Go To Jesus/
HowFirmA Foundation/It IsWellWithMy Soul
15. Deep River



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Hymns Triumphant – Volume I & II – 72 Traditional Hymns Performed By
The London Philharmonic Choir, The Amen Choir & London Philharmonic Orchestra

The music is great. The Hymns are classic in wording and melody which is commendable since the traditional words are becoming harder to find. My regret is that I did not realize the first CD is only short (40 seconds to 2 minutes) excepts of the hymns consisting of a verse or sometimes only the refrain. They are not complete hymns or even the first and last verses. The second CD does contain complete (at least a complete verse or two) pieces, although in my opinion the hymns of the first CD are the ones I most want to hear. (Testimonial)

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