Islam Revealed – A Christian Arab’s View of Islam – Dr. Anis A Shorrosh

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Islam Revealed – A Christian Arab’s View of Islam – Dr. Anis A Shorrosh

Paperback, 313 pages
Published October 1st 1988 by Thomas Nelson Publishers (first published September 30th 1988)
Original Title
Islam Revealed: A Christian Arab’s View of Islam
ISBN 0840730152 (ISBN13: 9780840730152)
Edition Language English
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Islam Revealed – A Christian Arab’s View of Islam – Dr. Anis A Shorrosh

Thumb through any newspaper, listen to any newscast, and the terms ”Islamic Al Jihad” or ”Shi’ite Muslims” and ”Sunni Muslims” will inevitably be linked with bombings, hijackings, and other terrorist acts. What do you know about this religion that boasts ”the greatest joy is to kill and be killed for Allah”? In Islam Revealed, Dr. Anis Shorrosh explains the driving force behind the fanatical, as well as the moderate and conservative sects of Islam. Drawing on his experience as a Palestinian-born Arab Christian and years of research and study, Dr. Shorrosh takes a hard look at an ever-growing religion that currently numbers 900 million members. Through comparisons of Islam’s Quran and the Hebrew-Christian Bible, Dr. Shorrosh outlines the contradictions and inaccuracies that form the basis for the Muslims’ beliefs, and contrasts the turbulent life of Muhammad with the life of Jesus. In light of recent terrorist activities in America and the continuing tensions in the Middle East, Islam Revealed is a timely reference to the belief system of one in five people on earth.

  • I picked up this book after sharing what little I knew about Islam with a Turkish co-worker. It has vastly improved my understanding of Islam and those who practice it. It also gave me a deeper love and concern for those who live in the shadow of the Koran.Dr. Anis A. Shorrosh is a Palestinian Arab who became a Christian. He compiled this material in anticipation of a debate scheduled between him and Ahmed Deedat, a leading Muslim cleric. The two of them had debated in London in 1985 and then scheduled a later debate, which never took place. Dr. Shorrosh published the results of his research on Islam, so others could benefit from what he was not able to share in person.A native Arabic speaker, Dr. Shorrosh deals with the Koran as one who knows the language intimately. For English speakers, he quotes from a widely-accepted English translation of the ancient texts, but reveals some of the deeper meanings of the original language not adequately explained in the Muslim translations. He shows how the Muslim holy book not only contradicts the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, but also starkly contradicts itself! He also reveals the many original sources for Muhammad’s ideas–from ancient Persian, Greek, Hebrew, Christian and pseudo-graphic sources–thus exposing the syncretistic nature of this religion. Furthermore, he presents the Koranic portrait of Jesus as even GREATER than Muhammed! Dr. Shorrosh tells us how the Koran came to be written, compiled and revised. He relates the self-proclaimed prophet’s rise from obscurity to power and shows how the excesses from the man’s life seeped into his teachings. He also explains the various Islamic sects, where they are most prominent, and how the differences in their beliefs influence their conduct. He quotes Koranic references to jihad and other Muslim practices. Shorrosh reveals even the grammatical errors of this book that purports to be ”infallible.”Christians, Jews, Muslims and anyone else interested in learning more about the world’s fastest-growing religion should read this book. ISLAM REVEALED will provide you a comprehensive overview of this belief system from its own source texts. It will give you a better understanding of the conflict between Islamic nations and other cultures. And it will equip you to more effectively communicate with your Muslim neighbors. You will want a copy to refer to frequently yourself, as well as one to loan out to others.I wore my paperback copy out! Looks like I need to try and get my hands on a hard-back version instead. (Honeybee)

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