Israel and New Breed – Alive In South Africa

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Israel and New Breed – Alive In South Africa


  1. Alive Ovcerture
  2. Alive
  3. Favor of the Lord
  4. Turn it Around
  5. Not Forgotten
  6. He Knows My Name
  7. Take The Limits Off
  8. No Limits (Enlarge my Territory)
  9. It’s Raining
  10. Surely
  11. Still Standing
  12. I Will
  13. African Skies (Instrumental)
  14. You’ve Ben A Friend
  15. To Worship You I Live
  16. Worship Medley: Holy Ground / Holy hHoly Holy Lor God Almighty / Alleluia / Alpha and Omega / Come Let Us Sing / New Season / Your Latter will Be Greater / You Are Good / Again I Say Rejoice / FriendOf God
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Israel and New Breed – Alive In South Africa

Äntligen finns succe-skivan på DVD! DVD-n från en av decenniets stora konserter – Israel & New Breed live från Kapstaden, South-Africa. Det svänger, det kokar, det är fest, lovsång. tillbedjan, glädje i en fantastisk andlig musikupplevelse. Nu på DVD. Israel and New Breed – Alive In South Africa -DVD

Get ready to feel the power of worship first hand with this live experience!
Get ready for the voyage of a lifetime as Israel and New Breed take you on an international journey of worship with no limits or boundaries!

This groundbreaking recording was captured over two nights of powerful and moving worship in Cape Town, South Africa. As Israel and New Breed minister to the masses globally, you’ll get a first hand experience as to what makes this group true worship leaders at heart! You’ll get caught up in a variety of bountiful songs of praise and worship such as Not Forgotten, a song for the nations, the worshipful sounds of It’s Raining and Favour of the Lord, a song of healing and deliverance.

Israel & New Breed won Dove Awards for Contemporary Gospel Recorded Song of the Year for Again I Say Rejoice and Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year for Live from Another Level .

Also availble on CD

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