J.D. Sumner & The Stamps Quartet – Hall of Fame – 2 CD Box

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Disc: 1
1.I’ve Got To Walk That Lonesome Road
2. Roll On Jordan
3.Smooth Sailin’
4. I Just Steal Away And Pray
5.What Kind Of Church
6. The Farmer And The Lord
7. The Rainbow Of Love
8. At Calvary
9. The Sweetest Words He Ever Said
10.I’m Gonna Serve The Lord Today
11.You Gotta PayAsYou Go
12. If You Know The Lord
13.How Great Thou Art

Disc: 2
1.Give The World A Smile
2.I’ll HaveA New Song
3. My Dearest Friend
4.Victory Road
5. I Believe
6.His Love
7. The Wall Of Jericho
8. Lord GiveUsVictory
9.The Old Country Church
10. The Shadow Of His Love
11. Swing Low/Swing Down Chariot
12. Peace In The Valley


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J.D. Sumner & The Stamps Quartet – Hall of Fame – 2 CD Box

John DanielJ. D.Sumner (November 19, 1924 – November 16, 1998) was an American gospel singer, songwriter, and music promoter noted for his bass voice. Sumner sings the final note on the Elvis Presley song Way Down, a C1. His vocal range extended below the lowest playable note on the piano, reaching the note G0 in a 26-second vocal slide at a concert while singing backing vocals for Presley. There are some claiming he reached an Eb0 in a recorded live concert while singing with the Blackwood Brothers, however this cannot be verified. He was famous for his group J. D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet and his associations with the Blackwood Brothers and Elvis Presley.

J.D. Sumner has been incredibly productive not only as a stage performer as a soloist and bass singer in a number of outstanding quartets, but he has written over 700 songs. For further information, please, follow this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._D._Sumner.


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