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Disc: 1
1. A Little More
2.Undo Me
3. Breathe On Me
4.SayYouWon’t Say
5. IntoYou
6. The Way I Am
7.LayIt Down
10. Martyrs &Thieves
11. Diamond In TheRough
14. By And By
15. Romans

Disc: 2
4. It IsWellWithMy Soul
5. Believe
7. Martyrs &Thieves
12. A LittleMore
13. IntoYou
14. Breathe OnMe
15. The Way I Am

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Jennifer Knapp – The Collection – 2 discs

This two-disc collection reportedly filled in a gap following the 2001 release of The Way I Am while Jennifer Knapp took an indefinite hiatus from recording and performing. And while it’s difficult to deny that several previously unreleased demo versions on disc two are fillers, there is enough wealth spread throughout the 30 tracks to prove it a valuable collection. Tracks on disc one were chosen by fans through an online selection process, giving core fans one more reason to designate it as a ”must-have.” Her catchiest ballads and midtempo rockers are all included — from the vulnerable ”Hold Me Now” to the Dixie Chicks-like ”Diamond in the Rough.” The strongest efforts are the lulling ballads like ”Hold Me Now” and ”Say Won’t You Say”; her grit on the mid-paced hits almost annuls the affection and honesty of her slower numbers. The collaborations on disc two indicate that Knapp is branching out, with tracks featuring Grits, Audio Adrenaline, Michael Tait, Mac Powell (Third Day), and Nichole Nordeman. The stripped-down demos that fill the remainder go the opposite direction, serving as memory pieces with a look-how-far-she’s-come hindsight. Newcomers may find that two versions of eight different songs aren’t worth it, but the demos allow the intimate feel of Knapp’s raw lyrics to shine through. Her ethereal voice spans the range of Dido, Sarah McLachlan, Sin’ad O’Connor, and Dolores O’Riordan, admitting a sincere reflection of herself that can’t help but question every facet of her spirituality and relationship with God.

Producers includes: Mark Stuart, Jennifer Knapp, Tony Mcannay, Todd Collins, Steve Hindalog.Personnel: Jennifer Knapp (vocals, guitar).Liner Note Author: Jennifer Knapp.Photographers: Kerri McKeehan Stuart; Ben Pearson .Arranger: Audio Adrenaline.

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