Larry Ford – Homecoming Favorites

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1. Sing of My Redeemer
2. O What a Savior
3. I’m Free
4. Glorious Freedom
5. God’s Glorious church
6. Child of the King
7. I Bowed on My knees
8. Little Is Much
9. Because He Lives
10. These Are They



Larry Ford – Homecoming Favorites

Larry Ford är välkänd för Homecoming Friends i hela Norden. Han har dessutom gjort ett antal soloturnéer i Sverige och Norge.


Larry Ford has the most beautiful singing voice in the entire world ( No kidding)The best speaking voice is James Coeburn’s who speaks in the GM ads on TV. But– this CD does not show Larry at his best. Try some of the Gaithers CDs.They do !Its still good though-Im glad I bought it.

Larry is my favorite Homecoming singer and I have actually met him at a conference where he was singing. He sings not only with heart but with considerable musical training, which isn’t always the case with the other singers. This particular album’s songs are so inspiring. They bless me every day. I like to say I have breakfast with Larry each morning.

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