Oak Ridge Boys – Boys Night Out

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Oak Ridge Boys – Boys Night Out

Song Listing:

1. You’re The One
2. American Made
3. (I m Settin ) Fancy Free
4. Love Song
5. Y’all Come Back Saloon
6. Sail Away
7. Dream On
8. This Crazy Love
9. Trying To Love Two Women
10. Come On In
11. Make My Life With You
12. Thank God For Kids
13. Elvira
14. Bobbie Sue

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Oak Ridge Boys – Boys Night Out

Having known The Oak Ridge Boys from 1966 through present day, I’ve heard, purchased, broadcast and supported, in one fashion or another, every project ever released by the ORB’s. Whether on vinyl, 8-track, cassette, CD and other formats, I’ve always enjoyed the “experience” that comes along with the music the ORB’s offer to the public.

Most people in the music industry would readily agree that “Live” albums are traditionally a costly nightmare to record, extremely frustrating to manage and even rougher to try and capture the true essence of the power of a live performance. By the very nature of the live music setting itself, controlling the audio of an entire band, vocalists and a venue full of fans is a daunting, monumental task to undertake. Most often, the music project is just a spin-off from shooting a video project, TV special or other specific event that is packaged for sale.

With this Cleopatra Records release of The ORB’s “Boy’s Night Out,” the true sound and emotion of live performance is meticulously captured with precision and excellence. The natural flow of the concert is there, the power and dynamics of the show are there, along with the magic of the sound of the venue! Add to that the unmistakable, opulent quartet harmonies of The Oak Ridge Boys and solid foundation of The Mighty Oaks Band and the end result is as close to sitting on the front row as is possible through a recording!

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