Out of Eden – Meditate (Collectors Series) – Obs SLUT!

99 kr inkl. moms

Contains 2 music videos plus exclusive interview footage

  1. Meditate
  2. Looking For love
  3. Interview Footage
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Out of Eden – Meditate (Collectors Series)

A Must-Have For All Out Of Eden Fans!

This DVD is usually cheap because it only features 2 music videos and a 20-minute interview. It’s definitely worth it though. It features the hard-to-find videos for ”Meditate” and ”Lookin’ For Love”. I have browsed through many Internet sites that says the videos are ”Meditate” & ”More Than You Know”, but don’t be fooled! I don’t know where they got that from but MTYK is not on the DVD. I personally think the Lookin’ For Love video is better anyway. The interview discusses their experiences in Out of Eden, such as hobbies, music, beliefs, & of course their most embarrasing moments! Overall, this is a great DVD!

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