PETRA – The Millennium Collection

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    • 1 Mine Field
      2 He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
      3 This Means War!
      4 More Power to Ya
      5 All Fired Up
      6 Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
      7 Bema Seat
      8 Judas’ Kiss
      9 Coloring Song
      10 It Is Finished

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PETRA – The Millennium Collection

The biggest selling music series in the world is coming to Christian music!
20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection has sold over 62 million units (2.8 million in 2013) and 97% of those sales are physical! With 10 songs for only $5, this series is perfect for fans rediscovering an old favorite, fans new to Christian music looking to expand their music collection, and gift-givers looking to share music with friends and family.

20TH CENTURY MASTERS THE MILLENNIUM COLLECTION: THE BEST OF PETRA celebrates classic Christian rock. As the pioneer of Christian rock, Petra paved the way for countless artists, helping to create a new genre of rock music along the way. Whether you re discovering the songs for the first time or you know them all by heart, 20TH CENTURY MASTERS THE MILLENNIUM COLLECTION: THE BEST OF PETRA is the perfect (re)introduction to classic Christian rock.

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