Russ Taff – The Best Of – Gaither Gospel Series

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Song listing

  1. When He Set Me Free
  2. Oh Say But I’m Glad
  3. Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand
  4. My Tribute
  5. The Lord Came Through
  6. We Will Stand
  7. Why Me Lord
  8. I’ve Been Born Again
  9. Praise The Lord
  10. Trumpet Of Jesus
  11. Farther Along
  12. That’s Why They Call It Gospel Music
  13. For Those Tears I Died
  14. When He Calls I’ll Fly Away

  15. Ain’t No Grave

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Russ Taff – The Best Of – Gaither Gospel Series

Anything this good by Russ Taff gets five stars, of course. However, this recording will be appreciated more by his new fans than those who knew him before the Gaither Vocal Band times. Taff has always been the greatest male gospel vocalist I’ve ever heard, with a rock / blues / folk intensity that has to be heard to be believed. Having said all that, this recording is COMPLETELY MISNAMED. It is the best of the ”new” Russ Taff. If you really want to hear the ”best of Russ Taff” (and don’t mind a lot of aggressive rock / country rock guitar in the mix), skip immediately over to ”The Way Home,” in my opinion one of the top five Christian rock / pop recordings ever. Or you could pick up ”We Will Stand–Yesterday and Today,” which is the ”best of” collection of the ”other” Russ Taff (and which includes several songs from ”The Way Home”). ”We Will Stand” also has many early songs, including some from the Imperials years as well as the anthem-like title track. Now I realize that this review is more about other Taff recordings than about this one being reviewed. However, I just didn’t want anyone fooled by the title. If you saw Russ on a Gaither television show and want that style–this recording is for you.

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