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The Crabb Family – Blur the lines – Dubbel-CD

Song Listing – 23 original songs

  1. Friend of God
  2. Redeemer
  3. One Day
  4. Holding out Hope to You
  5. I Go to the Rock
  6. Shout to the Lord
  7. Nothing But the Blood
  8. Call on Jesus
  9. Champion of Love
  10. Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
  11. I Can’t Live a Day
  12. I’d Rather Have Jesus
  13. Amigo de Dios (Friend of God)
  14. Greater Is He
  15. Be the Miracle
  16. If It Takes a Valley
  17. It Looks Like Love to Me
  18. You Are Loved
  19. Like a Flood
  20. New Day
  21. Movin’ On
  22. I Want to Live It All
  23. You Keep Loving Me
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The Crabb Family – Blur the lines – 23 original songs

The Crabb Family are one of the hottest things going in contemporary gospel music. With their blend of Christian themes, light rock, R&B, traditional gospel, and commercial pop, the Crabbs make a joyful and radio-friendly noise. BLUR THE LINES offers more of the positive, faith-driven music that has earned the Crabb Family legions of fans across the U.S.

As usual, frontman Gerald Crabb pens the lion’s share of tunes, and his batch for BLUR THE LINES veers from power ballads to bluesy funk to introspective folk to uptempo R&B. That the Crabb Family can move so effortlessly between styles yet still manage to maintain their core sound and message is the group’s most impressive quality, and that quality is in ample evidence on this 2006 release.

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