Tommy Overstreet – 20 Classic songs

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Track Listings

  1. Gwen (Congratulations)
  2. I Don’t Know You (Anymore)
  3. Ann (Don’t Go Runnin’)
  4. A Seed Before the Rose
  5. Heaven Is My Woman’s Love
  6. Send Me No Roses
  7. I’ll Never Break These Chains
  8. (Jeannie Marie) You Were a Lady
  9. If I Miss You Again Tonight
  10. I’m a Believer
  11. That’s When My Woman Begins
  12. From Woman to Woman
  13. Here Comes That Girl Again
  14. Young Girl
  15. If Love Was a Bottle of Wine
  16. Don’t Go City Girl on Me
  17. Yes Ma’am
  18. Fadin’ in, Fadin’ Out
  19. I’ll Never Let You Down
  20. Fadin’ Renegade
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Tommy Overstreet – 20 Classic songs

Tommy Overstreet visited the country charts many times in the 1970s, but his star faded after the decade’s end. 20 CLASSIC SONGS makes a case for perpetuating his legacy; it packs those hits together and shows them to be solid examples of the era’s mainstream Nashville sound at its best. Overstreet’s smooth, deep voice and easygoing style are perfectly complemented by expertly crafted songs whose arrangements aim straight down the middle of country’s stylistic spectrum, not groundbreaking but never less then amiably attractive.

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